Bequia can be described as "Old School Caribbean".  It is a tiny island, all of 7 square miles, and yet is the largest of the Grenadine Islands.  For such a small island, Bequia has a lot to offer in terms of activities -- more than we were able to do in the 9 days we were there!  If you don't feel like being active, you can certainly choose to lounge on the beach or hang out with the locals at one of the many beach bars.  You will not find any large, big name resorts.  The largest hotel on the island has fewer than 50 units.  Although you will have to splurge on getting to and from the island, once you're there you will find accommodations, transportation, food and drink to be very affordable.  

The way of life there is so incredibly laid back.  We are used to planning out our vacation weeks and making all or most activity arrangements in advance.  When I tried to do that before our Bequia trip, I had a little trouble.  Partly because of the lack of information online, and partly because of the way things work down there.  When trying to schedule a fishing charter a few weeks in advance, I got an email response saying "I will see you when you come."  No lie.  But that's just how it works there!  Virtually stress-free, it all works out, no worries.  

All that being said, as much as we LOVE Bequia, it is not for everyone!  In doing our pre-trip research, we came upon this questionnaire which pretty much sums it up:  Sugar Reef Hotel Go or No Go

What We Love:

  • No large, all-inclusive type resorts
  • Lots to do, especially for such a small island
  • Day trips to neighboring islands are quick and easy to arrange
  • Reasonable prices
  • Warm and friendly people
  • Authentic, old-school Caribbean vibe and charm
  • Casual atmosphere

What To Know: 

  • Bequia is expensive to travel to and takes some effort (an overnight in some cases, depending where you're starting)
  • Beach sand is not white and powdery (as in Anguilla or Turks and Caicos), but is not dark or black, either (as in St. Lucia) 
  • Generally speaking, food is good but not outstanding
  • Bequia is a little "rough around the edges" or "not polished", but in our opinion, that's what gives it its charm and appeal



Getting There

Unfortunately, Bequia is not easy or cheap to get to, but I suppose that is what helps it maintain its charm and off-the-beaten-path quality.  You can reach Bequia via Barbados, St. Lucia or St. Vincent.  All three options will involve a 35-45 minute puddle-jumper flight.  In some cases there may be stops along the way at neighboring islands, just as if you were on a commuter train or bus.  The St. Vincent option will also involve a one hour ferry ride to Bequia.      


Mustique Airways


Bequia Express Ferry


Where To Stay

Bequia Beach Hotel

Grenadine Villas


What To Do

Check out the current local happenings and events.  There's always something going on!   Bequia This Week Newsletter

Day Sail on the Friendship Rose

Fishing and/or Day Trip with Dwight and Balliceaux Charters

Visit Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary

Plantation Tour at Firefly Bequia

Dive and/or Snorkel with Bequia Dive Adventures

Rent a 4x4 or moke from Bequia Jeep Rentals

Visit Julie Savage Lea at Mango Art Studio

Annual Events: 

Mount Gay Music Fest - January

Bequia Easter Regatta - Spring




Where To Eat

Bagatelle at Bequia Beach Hotel

Jack's Bar and Grill

Devil's Table

Mac's Pizzeria

Firefly Bequia


Car Rental

Bequia Jeep Rental


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